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    Proofs : Riemann Integrable Functions

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    Let RI be the set of functions that are Riemann Integrable.

    Disprove with a counterexample or prove the following true.

    (a) f in RI implies |f| in RI

    (b) |f| in RI implies f in RI

    (c) f in RI and 0 < c <= |f(x)| forall x implies 1/f in RI

    (d) f in RI implies f^2 in RI

    (e) f^2 in RI implies f in RI

    (f) f^3 in RI implies f in RI

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    (a) True
    Proof: Let and . Then . Since
    is Riemann integrable, then both and are Riemann integrable. Thus is also Riemann integrable. Hence belongs to RI.
    (b) False
    For example, we consider defined as if ...

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