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    Integration and Differentiation

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    Please explain the solutions so that I can understand.

    7. Evaluate y = Integration-sign e^(ax+b) dx .

    11. Find the area of Recordi's new exponential pool, which is bounded by y=e^x, y=0, x=0 and x=3.

    12. Find dy/dx for y=x^2 e^-x . Find points where the curve has horizontal tangents.

    13. Find out how many bacteria there will be at time t in the gremlin's bacteria dish (dn/dt = 3n; t=0 when n=10; t is measured in hours.) How many bacteria will there be after 5 hours?

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    7. y=e^(ax+b)/a+C
    11.∫_0^3▒〖e^x dx〗=e^x |_0^3=e^3-e^0=e^3-1
    12. dy/dx=2xe^(-x)-x^2 e^(-x)=(2x-x^2 ) e^(-x)
    The ...

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