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    Finding Integrals

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    17. Find the antiderivative of (x^2)(1 + x^3)^5 .

    (1 + x^2) (1 + 9x^3)^5 + C
    (1/18)(1 + x^3)^6 + C
    (1/18)x(1 + x^3)^6 + C
    (1/18)x2(1 + x^3)^6 + C
    none of these

    19. intregral (6e^3/x)x^-2 dx =

    2e^-3/x + C
    -2e^3/x + C
    (-1/2)e^3/x + C
    -2e^3/x + C
    none of these

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    Observe the integrand (x^2)(1 + x^3)^5
    Numerator consists of a term that can be written as the derivative of the denominator.
    Let (1 + x^3)=t
    This ...

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