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Area under a curve

I need to find the area of each with respect to the x axis

I have the following 2 polynomial equations:

(1) y = -24.034x^4 + 440.02x^3 - 2814.5x^2 + 7050.2x - 4660

y values range from 0 to 1275 and x values range from 0 to 6

(2) y = -721.34x^5 + 15484x^4 - 123523x^3 + 443283x^2 - 678627x + 396008

y values range from 46896 to 97134 and x values range from 0 to 6

Both of the equations represent a curve of some shape.

Given the equations above and the range of x and y values noted, how do I integrate and calculate the area under each of these curves???

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This provides two examples of finding area under a curve represented by a polynomial.