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    Sketching a function

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    Sketch the graph of the function y= -x^3+3x^2-4. Be sure to include and label:

    1.) x and y intercepts

    2.) asymptotes

    3.) 1st and 2nd derivatives

    4.) increasing and decreasing intervals

    5.) intervals of concavity

    6.) inflection point(s)

    7.) relative extrema (max and min)

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    sketch the graph of the function y= -x^3+3x^2-4. be sure to include and lable:

    1.) x and y intercepts
    Let y=0, we get x intercepts:
    So x=-1, x=2
    Let x=0 we get y-intecept

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    This shows how to sketch a graph of a function and label intercepts, asymptotes, derivatives, concavity, inflection points, and extrema.