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    Graphs, Trends and Forecasting

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    Determine the correct half-plane in each case, and complete the graph.
    8. y > 3

    Graph each of the following inequalities.
    16. 4x + y 4

    28. 3x - 4y < 12

    38. Number problems. You have at least $30 in change in your drawer, consisting of
    dimes and quarters. Write an inequality that shows the different number of coins
    in your drawer.

    Evaluate each function for the value specified.

    2. f (x) = x2 -7x + 10; find (a) f (0), (b) f (5), and (c) f (-2).

    Rewrite each equation as a function of x.

    18. -3x + 4y = 11

    Graph the functions.

    22. f (x)= -2x - 5

    If f (x) = 4x - 3, find the following:

    30. f (-1)

    If f (x) = 5x - 1, find the following:

    36. f (a - 2)

    54. Business and finance. If the inventor in exercise 53 charges $4 per unit, then her
    profit for producing and selling x units is given by the function
    P(x) = 2.25x - 7000

    (a) What is her profit if she sells 2000 units?
    (b) What is her profit if she sells 5000 units?
    (c) What is the break-even point for sales?

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