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    Real-life function and asymptotes

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    According to the U.S department of energy, the average cost per year in electricity is 92 dollars. A new refrigerator is 550 dollars.

    1. Determine the total annual cost over the life of the refrigerator for a refrigerator that lasts 15 years. Assume that the only cost associated with the refrigerator are its purchases price and electricity.

    2. Develop a function that gives the annual cost of a refrigerator as a function of the number of years you own the refrigerator.

    3. Sketch a graph of the function.

    4. Identify the equations of any asymptotes of the function.

    5. Name the two areas in which the graph doesn't make sense in the context of the problem and explain why.

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    1. (550+92*15)/15=128.6667 (dollars).

    2. f(x) = (550+92x)/x.

    3. See attached file for graph.

    4. x=0 is the vertical asymptote of the function.
    y=92 is the ...

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