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A breeding group of beavers introduced into a protected area. After t years the number of beavers in the area is modeled by the function

N(t) = _____54__________
0.35+0.68t (note: this t by 0.68 should be an exponent,couldn't make one here.)

1. How many beavers were initially introduced?
2. Estimate the umber of beavers after 5 years.
3. Determine the change in the beaver population between t = 5 and t = 10.

2. f(x) =2x( note:3 is the exponent on 2x, couldn't make one) -4x+1. Match the output value on the left with the number of times that output occurs for input values of x between -3 and 3.
Outputs on left are:
1. 1
2. -3
3. 2
4. 20
5. -40

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