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    Distribution graph

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    Look at the model you found for the data on the number of shopping centers and retail sales for the North Central states.

    a. Make a plot of the residuals versus the independent variable.

    b. From the plot, does it appear that a linear model is appropriate?

    c. Looking at the residual plot, do you think that the assumption of equality of variances is violated?

    d. Make a graph that shows the distribution of the residuals.

    e. Does it appear that the residuals are normally distributed?

    f. Considering your answers to parts (a) - (e), do you think that the linear regression model is appropriate for these data? Why or why not?

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    have answered on excel. Hope it is clear.

    To prepare enter the dataon excel and then select the data and hit chart. after creating the scatter plot , go to chart in the menu ...

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    The expert makes a plot of the residuals versus the independent variables. The plot for a linear model is appropriate are given.