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Applications of Graphs and Functions : Cost Functions and Graphing

11. A cable TV company charges a fee of $28.95 per month for basic service which allows the subscriber to get local channels. A fee of $5.95 per month is added to upgrade to premium service which allows the subscriber to receive a group of 65 channels. Subscribers with premium service are then charged $3.75 per month for each movie channel they choose to receive.

a. Write a cost function to determine the amount a subscriber with the premium service would be charged that is based on the number of movie channels the subscriber chooses to receive.
b. How much would a customer receiving 3 movie channels in addition to the premium service be charged per month?

5. Assume the annual average unemployment rate, R(t), for single women between the years of 1985 and 2001 is approximated by the function

R(t) = -2t2 + 24t - 57

where t represents the year and t = 0 represents 1985. In which year did the maximum unemployment rate occur? What was the maximum unemployment rate according to this model?

6. Complete each of the following for the function g(x) = 3x2 -12x + 14.

a. Use MathGV to generate the graph, then copy and paste the graph into your problem set.
b. Find the vertex and x- and y-intercepts for the graph.


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