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    Statistics: Percentages from Groups

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    When the members of the Eye and I Photo Club discussed what type of film they had used during the past month, the following information was obtained; 77 used black and white film, 24 used only black and white, 65 used color, 18 used only color, 101 used black and white or color, 27 used infrared, 9 used all three types, and 8 didn't use any film during the past month.
    a) What percent of the members used only infrared film? and
    b) What percent of the members used at least two of the types of film?

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    Now drawing a Venn diagram to represent the problem.
    There were 77 members who used black and white film
    24 members used black and white film exclusively
    There were 65 members who used colour film
    There were 18 members who used colour film exclusively
    There were 27 members who used infrared film

    Let x = number of members that used infrared and ...

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