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Example of using percentages in equations

A local company makes pigments used to color fabrics, plastics and paints. To ensure the finished product matches the customer's expectations, pigments of varying strength are blended to obtain what is called a "100% strength" commercial standard. The plant has 5000 pounds of Pigment Red 1 with strength of 123% of the standard, and they also have 17,890 pounds of Pigment Red 1 at 87% strength versus the same commercial standard.

How much of the 87% material is needed to blend with the 5000 pounds of the 123% material so that the final strength of the blended material is 100% strength.

How much of the low strength material is needed to mix with a known amount of high strength pigment, sometimes its how much high to blend with some low.

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To solve this problem, you need to set up a basic equation or formula. For this formula, we will label Pigment Red 1 with 123% strength as "s" for strong and Pigment Red 1 with 87% strength as "w" for weak.

The problem wants to balance out the strength of s with the weakness of w to make a mixture with 100% strength.

To account for the strength of the pigments, ...

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This problem includes an explanation of how to convert a word problem into a single variable equation. This equation is then solved to find the value of an unknown.