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Fractions as Terminating and Repeating Decimals

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What is the decimal notation for the fraction 1/4? How can you show that 1/4 = 25/100? How can you write 5/16 as a decimal? How would you write 1/9 as a decimal?

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This solution assists with math problems on fractions as terminating and repeating decimals.

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First, we must understand that decimal numbers are numbers written in our base ten system: the value of a digit in each place is 10 times the value the same digit would have one place to its right. To do these type of questions, make sure that you are familiar with the base ten system, including the value of a digit in any given place. For example, for the number 432, the two represents the one value, the 3 represents the tenth place, and the 4 represents the hundreds place.

1. What is the decimal notation for the fraction 1/4?

The decimal notation for the fraction ¼ is 0.25. The proper way to say ...

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