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    Normal and standard times

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    The two steps in preparing chocolate candy bars are molding and packaging. Personal fatigue and delay allowances are set at 15%. The molding machine operator is rated at 110% and the packer is rated at 80%. Observed cycle times per batch are given below.

    Observed Cycle Time in Minutes
    Task 1 2 3 4
    Molding 26 30 29 31
    Packing 45 50 35 30

    Determine the Normal and standard times for both tasks.

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    We have,
    Normal time
    = (total time) (% of time working on this task) (rating)/(number of units produced)
    Standard time = Total Normal time/(1 - Allowance factor)

    For Molding:
    Average for the actual Molding cycle ...

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    The solution illustrates the determination of the Normal and standard times for two tasks. Cycle times per batch are observed.