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I have tried to solve the attached problems however I am not coming up with the selected choices indicated on the work sheet. Need your assistance. Please explain the steps to solve. Thanks.

1. A biologist recorded 6 snakes on 10 acres in one area and 13 snakes on 29 acres in another area. Let y be the number of snakes in x acres. Write an equation for the number of snakes.

a. y=x+4
b. 19y = 7x+4
c. 19y=7x+44
d. 19y=7x-44

2. Suppose a life insurance pplicy cost $24 for the first unit of coverage and then $6 for each additional unit of coverage. Let C(x) be the cost for insurance of x units of coverage. What will 10 unit of coverage cost?

a. $84
b. $36
c. $78
d. $60

3. In deciding whether or not to set up a new manufacturing plant, analysis for a popcorn company have decided that a linear function is a reasonable estimation for the total cost C(x) in dollars to produce x bags of microware popcorn. They estimate the cost to produce 10,000 bags as $5010 and the cost to produce 15,000 bags as $7770. Find the marginal cost of the bags of microwave popcorn to be produced in the plant.

a. $2760
b. $0.552
c. $5.52
d. $55.2

4. A ball is thrown vertically upward at an initial sped of 64ft/sec. Its height (in feet) after t seconds is given by: h(t)=t(64-16t). After how many seconds does the ball reach its maximum height:

a. 8 seconds
b. 2 seconds
c. 4 seconds
d. 2.67 seconds

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