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    Venn Diagrams : Union and Intersection of Sets

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    Given the universal set of {x 0<x< 10}(this should read less than and equal too) and sets A,B,and C as defined below:
    A={factors of 6)
    B= {factors of 10}
    C= {odd numbers}

    a. List the elements in A U B U C. (they are suppossed to be upside down U"s )

    b. State A U (B U C). (the U in between the b, c is the wrong way).

    c. State n(A U C) and describe the set in words. (once again the U is the wrong way!!!).

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    We can find that

    a) then the intersection A^B^C = (1) ...

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    Union and intersection operations are performed on three sets. The elements of functions are listed.