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    Are the roots real, repeated real, or complex?

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    Determine if the following have a solution or not? justify answer.
    (apply the discriminant) are the roots real, repeated real, or complex?
    1) 5x^2+8x+7=0
    2) (7)^1/2y^2-6y-13(7)^1/2=0
    3) 2x^2=x-1=0
    4) 4/3x^2-2x+3/4=0
    5) 2x^2+5x+5=0
    6) p^2-4p+4=0
    7) m^2=m+1=0
    8) 3z^2+z-1=0

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    Real, repeated real, and complex roots are investigated.