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Probability : Permutations and Probability Distributions

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1. You dream of someday winning the lottery (don't we all). You found out about a new lottery where the winning numbers are five different numbers between 1 and 34 inclusive. To win the lottery, you must select the correct 5 numbers in the same order in which they were drawn. According to your calculations, the probability of winning are:
a. 1/33,390,720
b. 1/120
c. 120/33,390,720
d. 1/34!

2. If a person is randomly selected from your home town, the probability distribution for the number x, of siblings is as described in the following table: Is this a probability distribution? Please state the reason for your answer (the requirement that was met or not met) (Hint: The answer I am looking for has to do with the sum of the numbers)
X P(x)
0 0.24
1 0.29
2 0.24
3 0.12
4 0.06
5 0.03

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Permutuations and Probability Distributions are investigated. The solution is detailed and well presented. The response received a rating of "5" from the student who originally posted the question.

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