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    Combinations and Permutations: Sequential Counting Principle

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    An airline has 15 flights from city A to city B and eight flights from city B to city C. In how many ways can you fly from city A to city B.

    that is one type of problem another type is Karen has Five rabbits: 2 black, 2 white, 1 black and white. In how many ways can Karen select two of her rabbits and include at least one black rabbit.

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    This problem is known as permutation (arrangement) and combination (selection) problem.

    1) From city A to B there are 15 flights and you have to select one flight out of those 15. Therefore number of methods to select one of those: 15, i.e you have 15 options to select one ...

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    Two problems are solved using formulas for combinations and permutations.