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Using theorems to determine derivative

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Using the fundamental theorem of calculus and chain rule,
For example, letting the expression equal F(x), and G(u)
So for 1) we would have F(x)=G(x )
By the chain rule,
dF/dx(x)=(dG/du)|u= x (du/dx)
=(1/ | u=x ) (2x)
Determine the derivative:




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Solution. Let's consider all of the possible cases we can have in a 3 × 3 system.
1) Success. In order for a system to be successful through elimination, there may be two possibilities for the structure of the coefficient matrix.

a) Full Success. The matrix may contain three independent columns. This way, the columns span all of space, and the planes formed by the rows intersect at a single point. Example:

b) Temporary Failure. The matrix may need a row exchange to allow for a pivot to be found. After this, three ...

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