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    Constant Coefficients and Maple Verification

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    Could you work out the problem and also add the Maple verification if possible? Please see the full problem description in attached PDF.

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    The equation is:
    The associated homogenous equation is:
    We "guess" a homogenous solution in the form:
    When we plug it into (1.2) we get the incidental equation.

    Note that the coefficient of the nth power of r corresponds with the coefficient of the nth order derivative.

    The solutions to equation (1.4) are:

    Thus, the two homogenous solutions are:
    Now we need to find a particular solution to the non-homogenous equation.
    We note that the non homogenous term is in itself a solution of a homogenous equation with constant coefficients ( ) so we can use the method of undetermined coefficients.
    We set the ...

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