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Conics, Parametric Equations, and polar Coordinates

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Answers must be explained very clearly. Answers without proper justification will not be accepted. I am having a lot of trouble with these questions and the last time I posted this the TA just gave me a bunch of BS. Please take your time and answer these questions clearly and accurately with step by step work so I can follow along. Thanks and have fun.

Question 1

Given the polar function r = 2 - 2cos

a) Find the parametric equations for the function (i.e., x=....'s, y=...'s.)

b) Find the derivative, dy/dx

c) Find all vertical tangent lines and singular points

Question 2

Given the two polar equations r1 = 2 - 2cos and r2 = 3

a) Find the values of  where r1 intersects r2 (Please show graph)
b) Find the arc length or r1 on the interval 's found in part a.
c) Set up the integral to find the area of the surface of revolution for the segment of r1 on the same interval of 's found in part a when rotated about the pole (x-axis).
d) Set up the integrals to find the area of the region bounded on the left by r1 and on the right by r2

I am using the book Calculus, Larson, Hostetler, and Edwards, Seventh edition.

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Solution Summary

The expert examines conic, parametric equations and polar coordinates. The expert finds the value of intersects and intervals.

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