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    distance in kilometers between each pair of cities

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    #46 Convert each degree measure to radians.

    174degrees 50 minutes

    #58 Convert each radian measure to degrees, write answers to nearest minute.


    #84 Find the distance in kilometers between each pair of cities, assuming they lie on the same north south line.

    Farmersville CA, 36degrees North and Penticton British Columbia, 49degrees North

    #98 The speedometer of Terryâ??s Honda is designed to be accurate with tires of radius of 14 inches.

    a)find the number of rotations of a tire in 1 hour if the car is driven at 55 mph.

    b)suppose that oversized tires of radius 16 inches are placed on the car if the car is now driven for 1 hour with the speedometer reading 55 mph how far has the car gone?, if the speed limit is 55 mph does terry deserve a speeding ticket?


    #32 Find a calculator approximation for each circular function value.


    #58 Find the value of s in the interval [0,(pi/2)] that makes each statement true.

    cot s = .2994

    #78 Use the formula w=(0/t) to find the value of the missing variable.

    w=.90674 radian per minute, t=11.876 minutes

    #82 Use the formula v=rw to find the value of the missing variable

    v=18 feet per second, r=3 feet


    #20 Graph each function over the interval [-2pi,2pi]. give the amplitude

    y= -3 cos x

    #52 for another electrical circuit, the voltage E is modeled by E=3.8 cos 40(pi)t, where is t is time measured in seconds.

    a)find the amplitude and the period

    b)find the frequency

    c)find E when t= .02, .04, .08, .12, .14

    d)graph one period of E


    #24 find the amplitude, the period, any vertical translation, and any phase shift of the graph of each function.

    y = (2/3) sin (x+(pi/2))


    #24 Graph each function over a two-period interval

    y = 1-tan x

    #54 Graph each function over a one-period interval

    y = sec(x+(3pi/4))

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