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Solving Rational Expressions

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I'm having a difficult time figuring out some of these! For some reason the -1 in this problem is throwing me off - I think! Here's what I came up with last time, I keep getting a different answer each time I work it.

3/(y+5) -1 = (4-y)/(2y+10)
3/(y+5)-1 = (4-y)/2(y+5)
y is not equal to -5
LCD is 2(y+5)

2(y+5)*3/(y+5) = 6
2(y+5)*-1 = -2(-y-5)

6+2y+10 = (4-y)

Can you help me figure out where I am going wrong?

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Ok, we have:

3/(y+ 5)- 1= (4- y)/(2y+ 10), so if we take the common denom. of the left hand side we will ...

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