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Situation Puzzle

This is a situation puzzle tile that I'm working on. The numbers 0-9 are allowed to be used once only. (Do not count the numbers that were given in the problem.) The dashes represent one number.

Candy bars costing _____ _____ cents each were on sale with a price of _____ for _____ _____ cents. This was a savings of 4 _____ cents totally. To buy half a dozen at the sale price would cost $_____._____8 instead of the normal price of $_____.7_____.

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First clue is from half a dozen, which means the sale is either for 2 bars or 3 bars. We will go for 3 bars first since it's more reasonable for saving 4X cents. Now the normal price for each bar has to be 4? because 5?'s triple - 4X (i.e., the sale price) will be more than 100, which should be ...

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A situation puzzle is solved.