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Simultaneous Equations: Word Problems

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For Halloween, Mr. Olowitz bought 8 bags of candy bars and 4 bags of lollipops for a total cost of $51.56. Later that day he realized he didn't have enough candy and went back to the same store and bought 3 more bags of candy bars and 3 more bags of lollipops for a total cost of $23.82. While in the store on his second trip, Mr. Olowitz ran into his neighbor, Mrs. Pinion. If Mrs. Pinion bought 3 bags of candy bars and 11 bags of lollipops at the same prices, what was her total cost?

Can you please show me a step by step way of solving this problem?

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The solution contains the step by step solution to the given word problem. It is written in a manner which is very easy to understand and follow and a docx version of the document is supplied.

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Step 1.
Let C be the cost for one bag of candy bars.

Step 2.
Let L be the cost for one bag of lollipops.

Step 3.
Let 8C + 4L = 51.56 be the cost of 8 bags of candy bars and 4 bags of ...

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