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Quotient and Remainder

#1) Find the quotient and the remainder.

(x64-2x^2+3) ÷ (x+1)

Here are my choices, but I can't seem to come up with any of them.

A) x^3+x^2-x-1, 2

B) x^3-x^2-x=1, 2

C) x^2-3x=3, 0

D) x^2-3x+4, -1

#2) Factor and Match. I cannot come up with any answers that match. Help.


A) (z+w)(z-13w)

B) (z-w)(z-13w)

C) (z-w)(z+13w)

D) The polynomial is prime

3) Write the expression using radical notation:


4) Solve:

3√(z-2) = 4

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