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    Quadratic Equations : Discriminants and Solving

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    For the equation 24x^2 + 68x + 28 = 0

    a) Find the discriminant
    b) If the discriminant tells you that you can factor, do so.
    c) Solve the equation by completing the square(HINT: at some point during the process, you will come to a point which looks like (x+(17/12))^2 = (121/144)
    d) solve the equation by using the quadratic formula.

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    a) The discriminant of a polynomial like ax^2+bx+c=0 is:


    Therefore here we have:

    D= (68^2-4*24*28)=1936>0

    b) Because the discriminant is positive, we can factor the polynomial over the real domain. To do so we can say:

    24x^2+68x+28= 24x^2+56x+12x+28=
    Of course that is not ...

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    A discriminant is found and quadratic equations are solved. The equation is solved by completing the square.