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Payoff and Opportunity Loss Tables

In the following payoff and opportunity loss tables circle and label the payoff or loss associated with the following decision-making criteria under uncertainty.
a. maximax
b. maximin
c. equally likely
d. minimax

Payoff Table
State of Nature
Alternatives A B Row Average
1 100 150 125
2 175 125 150

Opportunity Loss Table
State of Nature
Alternatives A B
1 75 0
2 0 25

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a. Maximax
The Maximax criterion looks at the best possible results. Maximax means 'maximize the maximum profit'.

State of Nature
Alternatives A B Maximum Profit
1 100 150 150
2 175 125 175

Hence the alternatives 2 would be chosen as the best decision using the maximax criterion

b. Maximin
The maximin decision rule suggests ...

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