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Refer to the following scenario to answer questions #1 through #5.Tanya waits tables for customers in her mothers restaurant. She earns an average $4.00 in tips for each table, and will make about 8 trips to the table for each meal. She make a chart to show her work and tips for 8 to 12 tables. Use the chart to analyze the data and make predictions about Tanya's part time job.

Tables of customers /8/9/10/11/12
Tips(Dollars) /32/36/40/44/48
Trips /64/72/80/88/96

1. Describe in words the range of money Tanya can earn.

2.Write the letter of the algebraic phrase that represents the range of money Tanya can earn.

3. How many trips will Tanya make for 9 tables?

4. With an equation to represent the number of trips Tanya will make based on the number of costumer tables.

5. If we uses the expression ''y=4x'' describe apart of the problem, what would be describing?

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(1) Tanya can earn money in the range of $32 to $48.

(2) This can be written as 32 ...

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