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Important information about Quadratic Inequality

A person's revenue "R" (in dollars) on the sale of "X" fruitcakes is determined by the formula R = 50x - x squared. Her cost "C" in dollars for producing "X" fruitcakes is given by the formula C = 2x + 40. For what value of "X" is the person's profit positive? (Profit = revenue - cost).

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R= 50x-x^2
C=2x + 40
Profit = R-C = 50x-x^2-2x-40=48x-x^2-40

Profit = -x^2+48x-40
This is a quadratic equation of the form ax^2+bx+ c
a= -1
b= 48
c= -40

Let us find the value for which this equation ...

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Calculates the range of values for which profit is positive.