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Graphing and solving absolute value inequalities

Solve each absolute value inequality and graph the solution set.

32) |5x - 1| </= 14

36) |x-7| </= -4

40) 1 > ½ |6-x| - 3/4

Graph each compound or absolute value inequality

42) x+y </= 1 or y </= 4

44) x+8y > 8 and x - 2y < 10

46) |x-3| >/= 9


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When you remove the absolute sign, you need to add at +/- sign
Also when you multiply the inequality from both sides by a positive number, the ...

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I have provided very clear solutions to all of the inequality problems. I have shown each and every step in finding the boundaries of the given variable (x) or variables ( x and y). In addition, I have included graphs showing the acceptable values of the variables using shaded areas. This solution set will serve you as a great practice problem set in graphing inequalities.