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Equations for word problems

1. The president of a certain university makes three times as much money as one of the department heads. If the total of their salaries is$ 200.000, find each worker's salary

2. Including a 6.1% sales tax, a diamond ring sold for $ 2,864.70. Find the price of the ring before the tax was added.( round to the nearest cent).

3.Judy has a rectangular garden 10 by 30 feet. She wants to put a grass border around the garden with a uniform width on all sides. If she has enough grass seed to cover 384 square feet, how wide can the grass border be?

4. An auto repair shop charged a customer $424.00 to repair a car. THE BILL LISTED $74 for parts and the remainder for labor. If the cost of labor is $35 per hour , hoe many hours of labor did it take to repair the car?

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1. assume the salary of the head of the department is x, the salary of the president is 3x.
Then the total is
x + 3x = 200000
4x = 200000
x = 50000
3x * 3 * 50000 = 150000
the president's salary is $150,000. and the department head's salary is $50,000.

2. assume the price ...

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