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Applications of Radical Equations

1. According to Einstein's theory of relativity, time passes more quickly for bodies that travel very close to the speed of light. The expression (c is the speed of light, and v is the speed of the traveling body) gives the aging rate compared to the time spent on earth. For example, if the aging rate for someone traveling very fast was .5, then one year for that person would be equal to two years on earth (.5 x amount of time on earth = amount of time for traveler).

a. Suppose that you are traveling at 90% the speed of light. That means that your velocity, v would be equal to 0.9c. Substitute 0.9c into this expression for v, and simplify fully. (Hint: your first step should be to use the roots of quotients rule ). What is the aging rate?

If you travel on a trip that takes 1 year (52 weeks) at this velocity, then how much time will have passed on earth when you return


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