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Algebra Word Problems for Fun

1. Jake is making tea. He has brewed 13 cups of tea and begins to sweeten it with sugar. What represents the ratio of sugar to total tea if Jake adds x cups of sugar? 2. Ken is preparing a solution of weed killer for his garden. He pours 3 quarts of water into the sprayer. He needs to add concentrated weed killer to the water. What expression represents the ratio of weed killer concentrate to the total mixture if Ken adds x quarts of weed killer concentrate? 3. A strike in bowling is knocking down all the ten pens with one throw. Mary has thrown 1 strike in the first 5 frames. What expression gives the ration of strikes to frames if Mary throws a strike in the next x consecutive frames? 4.Shawn is taking a test. He has answered 12 out of 15 questions correctly. Then the teacher tells the class there are more questions on the back of the test. Shawn answers all of the questions on the back of the test correctly. If x represents the number of additional questions on the back of the test, what rational expression models the situation? 5. A plane takes of from Phoenix and flies for 3 hours to reach Dallas. It then refuels and averages 307 miles per hour on a flight to Orlando. Phoenix and Dallas are 885 miles apart. If x represents the total flight time from Dallas to Orlando, what rational expression represents the average speed of the plane during the trip from Phoenix to Orlando?

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