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    Algebra: Systems of Equations - 3 Word Problems

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    1. Joe has a collection of nickels and dimes that is worth $5.65. If the number of dimes was doubled and the number of nickels was increased by 8, the value of the coins would be $10.45. How many dimes does he have?

    2. An express train and a local train leave GraysLake at 3 P.M. and head for Chicago 50 miles away. The express travels twice as fast as the local and arrives 1 hour ahead of the local. Find the speed of each train.

    3. Walt made an extra $9000 last year from a part-time job. He invested part of the money at 9% and the rest at 8%. He made a total of $770 in interest. How much was invested at 8%?

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    1. Suppose he has x dimes and y nickels

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    Three word problems are solved using algebraic equations and step by step, concise equations.