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Word problems and equations

1. Sergio internet provider charges its customers $7 per month plus 5 cent per minute of on-line usage. Sergio received a bill from the provider covering a 3-month period and was charged a total of $57.00 . How many did he spend on line during that period? Round to the nearest whole minute , if necessary)

2. A certain store has a fax machine available for use by its customers. The store charges $2.15 to send the first page and $ 0.65 for each subsequent page . USE an inequality to find the number of pages that can be faxed for $6.05.

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The fixed charge for the three month is $7 * 3 = $21
Therefore, the minutes charge for the three month is
21 + C = 57
C = 57 - 21
C = 36
The rate per online minute is $0.05.
Let x be the minutes of ...

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