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Word problem involving distance, time, speed calculations

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The tortoise and the hare finally have their long awaited rematch. The tortoise gets a 1000 foot lead and runs at 9 inches per second. The hare begins at the starting line and runs at a rate of 6 feet per second. There is also a rat who starts 1200 feet ahead of the Hare and runs back towards the starting line at a rate of 2 feet per second.

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The expert examines distance, time, and speed calculations.

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When will the tortoise and hare pass each other and how far will they be from the starting line?
1000 + 0.75T = 6T
T = 1000/5.25 = 190.48 seconds (approximately)
D = 6(1000/5.25)=1142.86 feet (approximately)

When will the tortoise and rat pass each other and how far will they be from the starting line?
1000 + 0.75 T = 1200 ...

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