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Word Problems

1. Word problems seem to daunt practically everyone. Discuss why they seem intimidating to you (or why not, if they don't). Do you believe that most of the problems we face in our daily life are word problems? Examples?

2. You are in the wonderful position of having to select a job from one of two offers you have just received. Joe's Jolly Jeans will pay you $100,000 per year and will raise your salary $2,000 at the end of every year. Sam's Sad Sack's will also pay you $100,000 per year but they will increase your pay by $1,000 at the end of every six months. Which job is the better deal? How much more money will you have made after 10 years by taking the better deal?

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1) Word problems force a person to not only solve mathematical problems but to also order them and set them up before being able to solve them. If the problem is set up incorrectly, the answer will also be incorrect. A lot of people are so daunted by just solving math problems, that just the idea of having to set them up as well is a very uncomfortable thought. They are not intimidating to me personally because I ...

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The wonderful position for selected jobs are determined.