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    Rearranging and Solving Formulae

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    1. In a circuit containing a resistor and a capacitor, the instantaneous voltage V volts across the capacitor is given by the formula

    Where R is the resistance in Ohms V is the initial voltage, C the capacitance in Farads and t is the time in seconds.

    Determine the time at which the instantaneous voltage is 35 volts given that V = 160 volts, R = 15 KΩ and c = 15 µF.

    2. The power gain D decibels (dB) of an amplifier relates the input power P1 watts to the output power Po by the formula:

    Determine the output power for a gain of 25 dB when the input power is 10 mW

    3. Solve the equation 12.42p = 556.7 giving your answer correct to 2 decimal places.

    4. Change the subject of each of the formula to that shown in Bold

    Z = m(3 - exp( - αt)) α

    u = we-pt p

    Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems.

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