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radical growth of population

Please help with Linear Growth problem. All I need is explanation of the concept amd formula. I want to be able to explain how I came up with the answer. Please see attached file.

A town has a initial population of 2000 and Population Growth each year of 100.

Suppose instead that the town experiences growth that can be modeled by the following: P = 1000*t^0.5 + P0, where t is the number of years from 2010.
a) Insert the value of "2000" and use the Equation Editor or type square root of t as sqrt(t).
b) Round to the nearest whole person when necessary.
c) Use your equation from part a to approximate how many years it would take for the population to reach 7000. Round to the nearest whole year when necessary.
d) Graph this function in MS Excel by plotting the points found in your chart in part a. Label your axes with time on the x-axis and population on the y-axis. Copy and paste your graph here:


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The solution shows how to use the radical function to model the population growth of a town. It includes detailed calculation and Excel graph to aid the understanding of the radical growth. It is part of group project of unit 4 of MTH 133.