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Linear Relationships, Slope and Intercept

1. The following data shows the relationship between the total average amount of student study time in an Online course and their corresponding average grades.

Studied 50 57 69 112 120 88 96
Grade 60 63.5 69.5 91 95 79 83

Is this relationship linear? Explain why or why not

2. Line 1 passes through the points (-5, 4) and (3, -7). Line 2 is parallel to line 1 and passes through the origin. Find the equation of line 2.

3. Identify the slope and intercept of the following line: 6x - 2.5y = 20

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1. Yes the relationship is linear. As found in the attached Excel file, we can see that a linear trendline would best fit the data, ...

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