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    Finding Products and Simplifying Exponents

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    Please help with the following problems. I need more detail on each problem how the solution was achieved using these steps.

    Thanks for your help.

    2. Find the product: (x - 2)(x + 3)(x - 4)
    (x - 2)(x + 3)(x - 4) =

    3. Simplify without having negative exponents: (- 3s-3t2)-2
    (- 3s-3t2)-2

    4. Convert to scientific notation and then solve. Give answer in scientific notation: (0.0000003)4

    5. Factor completely: 3a3b - 3ab3
    3a3b - 3ab3

    13. For a certain time period the ratio of the dollar value of exports to the dollar value of imports for the United States were 2 to 3. If the value of exports during that time period was 48 billion dollars, then what was the value of imports?

    Solution. I Assume that the value of imports was x dollars. Then I have (SEE ATTACHMENT)

    So, the value of imports was 72 billion dollars.

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