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    Combinations : Problem Solving With Dice

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    Question1: How many dots at the outer sides of the dice. Given view is from the top of these four dice?

    Question2: In the newly formed shaped below do you think answer is the same or different from above? What does your intuition say without investigating?

    Question 3: Each member creates a problem by using dice - he or she can use as many dice as required- any type of creation will be accepted.

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    This is a fun problem, isn't it? :) We have to think a little bit and perhaps using the real dice should help too.

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    Question 1:

    First, we have to find how the dice look likes according to the given views (Dice Activity). From the dice activity, we can infer that 2 must be opposite of 5, 4 must be opposite of 3 and 6 must be opposite of 1.

    Since the questions ask when face 3 is up, we then know that face 4 cannot show up on the sides. The dice when the face 3 is up has the following outlook

    When the face 3 is up and the dots lie on ...

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