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    Adding and Multiplying Quantities with Units

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    The problem I'm trying to solve involves the equation P=M(av - b) where M is the mass of the runner in kilograms and v is the speed in meters per minute. The constants a and b have the values:

    a=1.02 x 10^-3 kcal/kg m and b=2.62 x 10^2 kcal/kg min.

    Does the kcal/kg m and kcal/kg min. following each value refer to what each value represents or does it mean I have to multiply kcal/kg m or kcal/kg min. by the numeric part of each value?

    This may seem like a stupid question, but I'm partially brain dead from studying ceaselessly for exams for the past week and half.

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    kcal/kg m = kcal/(kg * meter),
    kcal/kg min=kcal/(kg * minute), so ...

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