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Bobby Traps on homeowner's property

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In a 2-3 page paper please write a paper discussing this issue (remember to use APA citations throughout your paper, give credit where credit is due).

Contrary to common law, today, in most states, a person cannot use deadly force in the defense of their property. Do you agree with this challenge? Should a property owner be allowed to use a bobby trap as long as notice, by use of sign for example, is provided to an intruder?

Please provide a legal analysis.

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Property owners in my opinion should not be allowed to place bobby traps because depending on the severity of the trap itself, it would be akin to intentional homicide. Despite the fact that homeowners should have the autonomy to defend themselves against their property being stolen, the use of deadly force to prevent this is not justified unless the person is facing bodily harm or death to themselves or a family member from the burglar. The use of bobby traps would entail potentially deadly outcomes for an intruder, which it can be argued that anyone willing to steal from another's property should expect some form of resistance, nevertheless, this resistance should be in accordance to the threat posed.

Even if the homeowner were to ...

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Bobby Traps on homeowner's property