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Professional Role in Corrections

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I have to select a professional role in a corrections organization. I have been thinking about a Warden or an Assistant Warden. What are the duties of this position? Is it considered to be a "line" or "staff" position? How do you know? Is one position more effective than the other? What organizational label would the supervisor/manager be classified under? Are they a supervisor born to work or watch?

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Wardens of correctional institutions are the directors of facilities and the highest ranking prison officials in the organization. In most cases, wardens have a close political affiliation with the director of public safety as a collaborative body in order to bridge the gap between the respective government and the correctional institution. A warden is responsible for directly reporting pertinent institutional information to the director as a method of evaluating the efficacy and efficiency of the institution. In a collaborative effort, the ...

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The solution provides a brief explanation of the duties of a warden in-charge of the correctional facility, within the facility and with political department heads. It explains differences between line and staff officers and how to handle prison inmates.