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List a minimum of 4 contexts of predatory crime and develop a brief description of what is involved in each. Discuss in detail how the different contexts of predatory crime may be preventable from the perspective of the victim or potential victim, and how that might be accomplished. Research and find resources and examples that support your response.

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Context of home: There is first the existence of likely offenders, these maybe relatives or friends. Second there is a need for an apposite target of predatory crime. This is the victim of the crime. Finally there is need for a perception that an efficient protector does not exist. For example in the context of the home if there is predatory relative and the victim is a lone woman and she is perceived to be inadequately protected a predatory crime may occur. The victim may take steps to convey to the likely criminal that she is adequately protected or has access to weapons with which she can protect herself. The potential victim may change the perception that she is an apposite target by learning self defense or contacting the police officer.

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