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Multiple Choice - civil law, constitution, Federal Court

1 - One distinction between civil law and criminal law is that:

A) civil law can be created only by statute.

B) criminal law is completely procedural.

C) criminal law is concerned with breaches of duty to society at large rather than with wrongs against an individual in society.

D) the U.S. Constitution does not apply to civil lawsuits.

2 - Under our constitutional system of government:

A) Congress can only pass laws permitted by the Constitution.

B) only Congress can enforce a federal statute.

C) Congress alone is given the power to interpret the Constitution.

D) Congress can appoint state judges.

3 - Federal courts do which of the following:

A) enact legislation.

B) give advisory opinions.

C) make rulings on hypothetical legal principals.

D) interpret the Constitution.

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1) C - criminal law has to do with offenses against the ...