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Unconscionability in the context of contracts

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1. The legal concept of unconscionability:

A) relates to the laws regarding ownership of boats.

B) establishes that merchants most always buy at the lowest price.

C) usually involves unequal bargaining power coupled with one party's use of this power to unfair advantage.

D) is only present in contracts between consumers and large companies.

2. Parol evidence refers to:

A) the evidence given at a parole hearing.

B) evidence outside the four corners of the contract.

C) the rule requiring that certain types of crimes result in criminal sentences without possibility of parole.

D) terms of a written contract.

3. In case of a conflict, which of the following has priority?

A) Federal Laws.

B) State Laws

C) The US Constitution

D) Decision of a Federal District Court Judge

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Unconscionability in the context of contracts is emphasized.

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For your first question, I believe that the best answer is C. Unconscionability usually surfaces in the context of contracts, especially those involving unequal bargaining power and unfair advantage. If a contract would be ...

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